About HealtheConnection

Welcome to HealtheConnection. A Better Way to Healthcare.

HealtheConnection is for patients, physicians and hospitals. This online portal will save you time and money, and help providers offer more efficient and coordinated care.


Imagine walking into a doctor’s office for your first visit. The receptionist checks you in and asks you to have a seat, but there’s less paperwork to fill out than usual—because you already gave them access to your personal health information.

When you meet with the doctor, she tells you she would normally order lab tests, but she doesn’t need to this time. Even though you had lab tests done at a different office two weeks ago, she can instantly see the results. 

The doctor refers you to a specialist in a different office across town, but you don’t have to wait for the records to be faxed – because you give your doctor permission to share your records with the specialist with just a click of a mouse. The staff tells you that if you have any questions when you get home, even after regular office hours, you can log in to your online patient portal and within 72 hours, see the results from your visit. Have a question about something in your portal? No worries! Just send a secure message to your physician's office and they’ll respond back via a secure message to your portal. That was easy!

You just saved time and money, and also received better, more coordinated care.

See your lab test results.

Most providers try to post results within 72 hours at a minimum; however, some results may take longer to appear. Depending on your provider’s capabilities and any legal restrictions around sensitive results, some results may not be immediately released to the portal.

Please ask your provider’s office to find out which results they release and how long it takes to post them.

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Your information is protected on HealtheConnection.

Federal law protects your health information on HealtheConnection just as it does paper records. Only you and those members of your healthcare team that you give access can create, view, update or exchange your records. You always have control of whether or not your information is available in HealtheConnection, and you can opt out at any time. 

HealtheConnection serves 19 counties across Northeast Georgia, and four counties in bordering states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. If you’re unsure if your provider or facility uses HealtheConnection, just ask the provider’s staff, or call the HealtheConnection Help Desk at 770-219-7400.

Your health information comes fromyour physician and their office staff along with any other provider that you see that participates in HealtheConnection.

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It’s available to you at no cost. If you are a patient of a provider or facility that uses HealtheConnection, tell the provider’s staff you would like to sign up. You must request access in person so staff can verify your identity and protect your information. Signing up for the HealtheConnection patient portal is voluntary. To provide better coordinated care for you, Healthcare providers can still access your medical information, unless you opt out.