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About HealtheConnection

What is HealtheConnection?

HealtheConnection is a regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) covering the 19-county area in Northeast Georgia as well as four surrounding counties in neighboring states. HealtheConnection was implemented in November 2012 to deliver real-time, relevant clinical data to clinicians at the point of care, eliminating organizational or geographic boundaries. The HIE includes patient identifiable demographic data, continuity of care documents, test results (lab, radiology, pathology, etc.), and processes for secure provider-to-provider and provider- to-patient messaging.

In addition, HealtheConnection provides patients and their providers access to a community exchange that provides a patient-centric view of health information across the community. HealtheConnection maintains standards-based communication protocols to facilitate interaction between other HIEs and the State and National exchanges as well as security standards that meet or exceed HIPAA requirements.

Who Uses HealtheConnection?

Currently, more than 450 clinicians use this technology to access information and treat patients. More than 2.9 million imaging studies have been accessed through the exchange and more than 400,000 patient records are collected and secured in the health information exchange.

HealtheConnection delivers improved efficiency, a better coordination of care, real-time consults, and access to clinical information across multiple care providers.