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For Provider - Services

For Providers - Services

HealtheConnection offers the following services to healthcare providers in the 23 county service area:

  1. Patient Portal – HealtheConnection offers healthcare providers a Stage 2 Meaningful Use certified patient portal that enables patients to electronically access their medical records, send their healthcare provider a secure email message, request an appointment with their physician, and request a prescription refill. Patients would have access to records from all participating providers in HealtheConnection and not just those related to a specific healthcare provider.
  2. Results Inbox – HealtheConnection offers healthcare providers an inbox where results (labs, radiology reports, transcription reports) from a provider that is participating with HealtheConnection that are attributed to a specific physician (ordering, PCP, consulting, CC, attending, referring, etc.) will be sent electronically. These results can then be saved or printed and uploaded to the provider’s electronic medical record.
  3. Secure Messaging – HealtheConnection offers healthcare providers the ability to send a secure message to another provider or patient that is participating in HealtheConnection. Every provider will have a secure messaging inbox that will track all messages received and sent. Providers and staff can be set up to receive notifications of new secure messages in HealtheConnection.
  4. Patient Query (Global Search) – HealtheConnection offers healthcare providers the ability to query the health information exchange for all records from all providers participating on a specific patient. The types of records that are available in HealtheConnection are lab results, including pathology, microbiology, and bloodbank, radiology results and images, transcribed reports (discharge summary, operative reports, consultation reports, ER reports, etc.) and continuity of care documents.
  5. Admit, Discharge and ER Notifications – HealtheConnection offers physicians the ability to be notified of patients being admitted or discharged as an inpatient or was seen in the Emergency Department of a participating hospital. In order to receive these notifications, the physician has to be identified by the participating hospital as being affiliated with the patient (PCP, CC, consulting, referring, etc.).
  6. Medical Image Exchange – HealtheConnection offers a regional medical image exchange that allows providers to make their radiology images available to other providers in the region as well as to access other providers’ radiology images. Providers can purchase hardware to make all their images automatically available or manually upload their images on case-by-case basis.
  7. “Direct” Provider Directory – HealtheConnection maintains a directory of all “direct” email addresses for providers in the 23 county service area. “Direct” email addresses must be used to send “transition of care” documents to other providers in order to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use. Click on this link to access the “Direct” provider directory.